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Meet  the Crafter

In 2018, while teaching secondary math, Shauntavia opened Chic Customs. She took custom orders from her mom's church family to create personalized coasters for anniversaries and birthday celebrations. As business started to grow, Shauntavia went to help her sister-in-law deliver a treats order for a friend's baby shower. While helping put up decorations, someone realized that the balloons weren't touched.  As a life long student of YouTube University, Shauntavia put her confidence and strong creative skills to work and figured out how to create the beautiful balloon garland.

How it Started

First Garland 2

How it's Going

 Did she stop learning? Nope! She continued to practice her skill of creating balloon garlands, now she is a top choice for the local schools and families of the community and surrounding areas.

View Balloon Gallery

Handcrafted in Summerville, SC

Creating in my craft space provides me with a safe space to release stress and anxiety through creativity. These well crafted pieces remind you that there is beauty and every part of your life's journey.

Chic Customs hopes to inspire everyone we interact with to be creative, unique and simply yourself. It doesn't matter what you do, as long as you feel happy and at peace.  

Now go see what I've created for you!

Be blessed!


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